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Product Summary

Built on the Eccentex platform, the web-based Underwriting solution delivers an improved underwriting experience while effectively managing the review and exception process from any location.

The solution provides a host of capabilities including
360° view. Comprehensive view of a customer account and all related activities like payment and claims history, other policies, etc. through an aggregation of all pertinent data.
High integration. Integration with predictive analytics indicates account risk. Real-time integration with other systems triggers events instantly. Third party service integration (Google Map, DMV, etc.) improves efficiency.
Monitoring. Configurability and powerful checklists manages referral related tasks and ensures compliance with underwriting rules and corporate policies. Steps to track, process and manage end-to-end policy referral process ensures timely delivery, generation of system or process reports on demand, examination of results through powerful statistical tools and analytics and tracking policy underwriting history achieves higher transparency.
Workflow efficiency. Configuration wizards design collaborative workflows outlining the activity sequence displaying information visually with enhanced graphs, meters, etc. Routing rules deliver work items and other activities to the most appropriate resources based on skills, availability, and approval levels. Automatic generation of documents, emails, and other content to brokers, ability to manage and audit approvals and overrides, configuration and delivery of reminders, follow-up tasks, and escalations significantly improve productivity.

System users are assigned work based on specialization, authority, availability and other business rules. They can easily access, update and process underwriting files, schedule tasks and communicate across knowledge workers. The application includes tools for managing tasks and approvals associated with underwriting policies and improving exception processing when policies cannot be processed automatically without review from specialists.

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AppBase Features

Core Underwriting Engine
The core underwriting engine is an intelligent, rule-based component of the underwriting solution. This component ensures automatic classification of proposal, rating calculations, risk scoring & auto triggering of requirements. The engine has in-built rules covering different underwriting parameters including administrative rules, financial rules, medical rules, non-medical rules, insurable interest rules, forensic rules, gender based rules, age rule, loading & discounts calculations, risk score calculation and so on.
Assignment of Underwriting Levels
Our automated underwriting solution aims to maximize the percentage of Straight Through Pass Cases for quick policy issuance.
Documentation & Case Referrals
Our solution assists underwriters by providing comprehensive case details for analysis to make informed decisions. Underwriters can raise request for additional documents and information on medical as well as non-medical parameters for a case. Underwriters can also refer the case to various referral teams like assessor, fraud control unit, legal, etc as per the needs of a case.
Configurable Rules
Abstract underwriting rules or complex logic are configurable. This gives the flexibility to change rules as per the requirement and future demands/evolutions with ease. Policies and decisions are automated and put into the hands of business teams to maintain as per the business needs.
Rating Sheet
Our solution has a built-in rating sheet for the underwriters to refer to during evaluation and rating of proposals.
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