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System Parameters

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Product Summary

System Parameters component provides solution environment level variables feature that could be used in an AppBase solution to control a particular behavior and be updated without need to deploy the solution. They are represented by name-value pairs and can be changed by authorized users in runtime. System Parameters component provides ability to retrieve, add, modify or delete such parameters.

The following are examples of using the System Parameters:

-         Setting default e-mail addresses

-         Setting global escalation time for events

-         Setting name of default printer for solution

System parameters is a single page with Create-Read-Update-Delete functions and a Search function.

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AppBase Features

System Parameters Component provides following features. 
  1. It provides an ability to manipulate System Parameters in runtime via user friendly interface.

  2. It provides a SYSP_Root security role that allow granular access of users authorized to modify System Parameters
  3. It provides rules to retrieve System Parameters from UI pages or C# rules. 

  4. It provides an easy access from SQL rules via TBL_SYSP_SysParams table. 

Comparison With Environment Variables Feature

System Parameters by its nature is close to AppBase System Variables feature. Both features manage solution environment level name value collection that could be used to drive some business logic in the solution. So let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of using System Parameters Component vs AppBase System Variables


  1. Runtime configuration. System Parameters allow you to modify System Parameter value and the change would be effective instantly. 
  2. Granular security access. Access could be configured per each solution environment with a need to expose AppBase system set up. 
  3. Out-of-the box rules that allow to retrieve System Parameters from UI. 


  1. This component need to be installed into solution and doesn't come as a standard AppBase feature. 
  2. There is no ability to cash system parameters or received values as place holders inside a rule and they have to be retrieved every time.
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