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Task Scheduler (TSCH)

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Product Summary

Task Scheduler component can be used in solution to set schedule for automatic task execution. Also this component provide ability to manage a solution Holidays

Task Scheduler component includes the following parts:

  • Scheduled Event Master -  a page with CRUD /Search functionality of Event Master. This page provide a functionality for creating a Solution Event 's  meta data. describe this event   and schedule it.
  • Scheduled Event Instances - a page with CRUD /Search functionality of Event Instances. This page provide a functionality for manage of  records what sheduled on the Master page.
  • Holidays - a page for manage and schedule a solution Holidays (only in version 1.x)

  • Screenshots
  • AppBase Features



AppBase Features

A componet's pages located under Task Scheduler menu. A component has 3 menu items
  • Scheduled Event Master
  • Scheduled Event Instances



All pages has a standardized interface with:

    • Search panel on the right side
    • Search, Clear, Add, etc buttons on the left side of the action menu, Close Window button on the right side
    • Delete, Edit buttons in a drop-down row menu
    • Grid with abilities to sort values, hide/show columns, changing of the column order and pagination


Creation/Modify page has a standardized interface with:

  • Save button on the left side of the action menu, Cancel button on the right side


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