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Reniew Contract Renewal Management Software

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Product Summary

​Reniew Software manages renewable maintenance contracts like no other solution available today.

Managing renewable maintenance contracts is very difficult.  Whether you’re doing it as part of a revenue stream, or as an operating cost; keeping track of vendors, product numbers, pricing, costs, renewal dates and co-termination can be a nightmare.  In many cases, there are teams of people assigned to this task.

You would think today’s accounting solutions would do this, but the sad truth is, they don’t.  Companies either use some type of spreadsheet, like Excel, or they build a home-grown database utility to do it.  Keeping either of those solutions up to date and viable reporting are just two of the many challenges companies face with those methods.

Reniew makes it easy to keep track of customers, vendors, products, distributors, renewal dates, co-termination and, most importantly, profitability.  Everything is always available and up to date.  Of course, if you just can’t help yourself and you must have an Excel spreadsheet, then you use the simple exporting capability and you’ll have what you need in seconds.

Imagine being able to:

  • Know a customer’s annual support commitments in seconds
  • Know what you’re going to be paying a vendor for support in the coming year
  • Give a customer next years’ support budget number in seconds
  • See your support revenue profitability for a given time frame, or vendor, in seconds
  • Co-terminate a customer’s contract in just 4 clicks 
…and much more

Why is it important?

  • Renewable maintenance revenue is critical to both large and small companies
  • Managing that revenue stream accurately and in a timely fashion is a key operating metric.  Your accounting software, or ERP software, doesn’t do this.Managing renewable maintenance contracts as a cost is difficult.  You get tons of invoices to renew maintenance contracts, but who is responsible for managing them and controlling costs?  Your accounting software, or ERP software, doesn’t do this and trying to get Accounting to help; well, you know how difficult that can be.

Why should I consider Reniew?

  • You’re tired of trying to manage your renewable maintenance contracts in Excel, or some home-grown database system that is just as bad as Excel.
  • You need better reporting capability that doesn’t take forever.
  • You’re tired of losing revenue to missed billings.
  • You don’t want to pay any more fees to vendors for missing renewals.
  • You want to maintain your margins.
  • You want to know how much profit you’re making from maintenance, who it’s coming from, what you’re paying vendors and what you’re paying distributors.
  • You want to know what your group/division, is paying and to whom
  • You want to know what is coming due and for budgeting to be easier.

Reniew is the new way to manage your renewable maintenance contracts.  Contact us today and we’ll help you get started right away.

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AppBase Features

  • Reniew is a cloud-based, or hybrid, solution for managing all your renewable maintenance, or product support, contracts.
  • Reniew is easy to use.
  • Reniew is sold as a service, so there is no large capital outlay and costs are predictable.
  • Reniew provides unlimited customer portal users for your customers

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