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Data Export Import Tool

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Product Summary

Component Description

Data Export Import (DEXP) solution component provides ability to export solution environment table data as compressed xml data and content files and import data from zip archive to the same data structure. This tool helps to solve task of moving table(s) data from one environment to another one, for example some configuration table data from development environment to QA or production environment. 

User have ability to see solution tables, to select needed tables for export.

Data ExportImport is a single page with List function.

AppBase Objects Prefix

AppBase Objects Component Prefix: DEXP

In order to separate AppBase objects between various components we prefix them with component prefix.

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AppBase Features

Data Export Import Tool component provides following features:
  1. Export data and AppBase CMS documents from selected solution tables into zip archive. Documents are detected downloaded if cell value starts with "cms:", "/" and doesn't start with "//" (to exclude UNC paths)
  2. Import data and documents from zip archive into solution tables and AppBase CMS.
  3. Preserves original col_id values from the source tables.
    NOTE! If you planning to move data that has foreign keys then you have to move all related tables in order to preserve relationship between records from different tables.

 Component may be used for example to migrate data of database tables from Production to Development server and vice versa

Important Usage Notes

Please note these notes (peculiar properties) when making a decision to use it

  • DEXP component was originally designed to more relatively small sets of data. Even though some have used it to move large data tables we would discourage to use it on data sets with more than 100K records. Data conversion to XML and back is not the most efficient way to export/import data. 
  • DEXP component cleans up (by issuing TRUNCATE TABLE comment) the target table before importing the data. So make sure to back up your data before the import.
  • DEXP resets sequences(Oracle)/identities(MSSQL) during import process to match the max col_id value from the imported data set. 
  • Data Export Import Tool component use system tables: information_schema.TABLES (for MS SQL) and user_objects (for Oracle).
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