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Product Summary

Simple, user friendly, flexible, and reliable case and matter management system with full search functionality across all Customers areas. Solution provides
An intuitive user interface enables users to access all information about a matter or case. All team members working on a case or matter are able to review a snapshot of progress/ milestones achieved and tasks yet to be completed.
Case and matter tracking capabilities.
Deadline management with pop-up or email alerts must be included in the case and matter management system.
Automated document generation/templates for routine/repetitive documents by functional area.
Online filing and payment capabilities must automatically interface with and update the matter/case management system.
The ability to make complex calculations of payments, interests, fines, penalties and other charges if applicable.
Document management tools.
Tools to monitor and assess staff assignments and workload .
Interface with the financial system 
Solution also is compatible with OCR scanning technology with automatic data extraction capability such that the extracted may directly update the Solution database.

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