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Dictionaries (DICT)

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Product Summary

Dictionary solution component provides ability to manage various pick lists and dictionaries for the solution. One category could have multiple Items and they could be used at drop down lists across the system, or could be displayed according to the code-value pair (system stores codes for the fields).

Dictionary component provides ability to retrieve/add/modify categories and items in categories. Other component using those values will have dependencies to these components.

The following are examples of using the Dictionary:

-         Populate drop down fields with pre-populated set of values

-         Display statuses, states and other dictionary data to display full business data based on stored code

Dictionaries component is a single page with Create-Read-Update-Delete functions and a Search function.

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AppBase Features

 Dictionary component provides following features.
  1. It provides an ability to manipulate solution dictionaries in runtime via user friendly interface. 
  2. It provides a DICT_Root security role that allow granular access of users authorized to modify solution dictionaries and picklists.
  3. It provides convenient way to populate data sources with dictionaries on the page with 2 simple steps
    1. Step 1. Add DICTLoad.js resource to your page

    2. Step 2. Call DICT.loadDictionary method in your documentReadyHandler function

  4. It provides an easy access from SQL rules via TBL_DICTItems table.

    1. Select document type (DOCUMENT_TYPE) dictionary value for specified code.

    2. Join document type (DOCUMENT_TYPE) dictionary to document table (TBL_DOCUMENT) to decode values

  5. It provides 2 convenient way to sort dictionary values when showing them in a selection control. 

    1. Sort by Order Property.  Each dictionary item has numeric Order property that is used sort values. 

    2. Sort Alphabetically by Value.  Order property is not a required field for dictionary item. Keep order property empty to get alphabetical sort by value.

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