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Product Summary

Web-based case management solution that allows to minimize your organization's legal and financial risks by enabling consistent documentation of issues and structured process for conducting investigations and close the case with final resolution. Investigation Case Type can have its own unique data elements (both structured and unstructured), workflows, business rules and user access models that helps the right information gets to the right people, and that it is used the right way given the specifics of the case at hand. 

Eccentex provides
A role-based user interface that merges information, process control, collaboration and analytics
Flexibility for users to follow proper procedure while adding new steps as needed
Dynamic, runtime work management capabilities
Management of the entire case lifecycle
Focused analytical tools for decision support
Support for industry-specific case templates, regulations and requirements
Dashboard reporting and a custom report writing wizard that give a real time data on case status and trends
Mobile clients

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AppBase Features

   The ability to create Drafts

­   The ability to work with next Case entities:

-       Working copy of the IFB

-       Investigative Reports

-       Physical Evidences

-       Events

-       Investigation Plan

­   Mechanisms to link cases, references to an IFBs

­   The ability to generate different Reports and Letters

­   The ability to change Case Status

­   The ability to associate different types of objects (subject, auto, boat) with a case

­   The ability to work with notifications

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