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Field Service Management

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Product Summary

Field Service Management from Eccentex is expanding the reach of your office, making it easy for partners, employees and executives to perform necessary business directives from their desktops and laptops at home or in other remote locations. We provide the web solution with mobile tracking capabilities keep fleet managers and customer service reps updated on vehicle locations and job statuses. This enables better accountability and helps teams manage unexpected delays or problems. 

With Eccentex solution you can
Manage all your customer interactions and requests in one place, no matter what the source - email, phone or social media. 
Manage your fleet and filed agents
Implement intelligent skills-based Omni channel routing (voice, email, chat) 
Easily performs all the important functions you need and expect from a quality enterprise content management system, including photo / image capture, barcode scanning, geotagging, signature capture and etc.
Easily integrating the Solution with your existing legacy apps 
Solution is functional on iOS, Android and Windows system devices

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AppBase Features

  • Scheduling and order management
  • Vehicle/technician location tracking
  • Job status updates
  • Route optimization and GPS navigation
  • Time tracking and driver logs
  • Knowledge and asset repositories
  • Parts and inventory management
  • Integrated invoicing/payment processing
  • Customer portals
  • Regulatory compliance measures
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