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OCR Queue Page (OCRQ)

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Product Summary

Component Description

OCR Queue Page component contains web page to view and manipulate OCR Queue records.

User could see the list of events, their status and have an opportunity to restart a particular event. 

OCR Queue is a single page with Create-Read-Delete functions and a Search function.

AppBase Objects Prefix

AppBase Objects Component Prefix: OCRQ

In order to separate AppBase objects between various components we prefix them with component prefix. 

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AppBase Features

OCR Queue Component provides following features. 
  1. It provides an ability to manipulate OCR Queue records in runtime via user friendly interface.

    See more details in OCRQ 1.x: Component Documentation
  2. It provides a OCRQ_Root security role that allow granular access of users authorized to modify manipulate OCR Queue Records

  3. It provides ability to add Documents to OCR Queue automatically using triggers. Trigger examples for Oracle and MS SQL Server

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