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Work Order Processing

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Product Summary

Eccentex Work Order Processing solution enables organizations with field-based workers the dynamic tools to manage and track work orders, documents, calendars, procedures and other content from a central location through a standard web browser. Each work order or job is initiated and a “case” is created to manage the work and content from start to completion. Solution users (whether in the field or office) can easily capture, store, index, search, upload, and view paper and electronic documents across departments, business locations and remote offices.
The solution is designed to streamline and manage job related activities and the personnel involved with the project. Eccentex also helps organizations track and manage worker timesheets and job specific activities by capturing these details as input by the project team, validating these details, routing through an approval process, and sharing this data with external systems that manage billing, payroll, or other functions  
Work Order Processing provides management of jobs and content for field for both internal and customer related projects and activities.
Generate proposals from templates that can be edited and delivered electronically while captured for future retrieval.
Scan, index, annotate, and store paper documents (such as signed contracts)
Manage the accepted job as a new “case” within the solution
Create and manage tasks and events associated with the job
Process work orders and deliver electronically to the project team
Manage job details and daily reporting of hours electronically, equipment use, and other job activities
Route job information for review/approval as needed through simple or complex workflow processes
Manage escalations and events including delivery of notification emails about outstanding work or when status changes occur
Ongoing capture and processing of other paper or electronic documents that are job related
Integrate with billing or payroll systems to automate job accounting processes
Retrieve jobs and electronic content through metadata and full text search queries
Search for documentation related to the particular work orders or line number by document type, work order number, line number and/or other applicable indexing criteria
Define security and access controls for each system user
Create and view monitoring dashboards showing overall job processing statuses and other details
Generate ad-hoc and customized reports on demand

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AppBase Features

You can review existing work orders and update work order information as necessary. For example, as the work progresses, you can:

  • Approve a work order to allow work to begin

  • Update the life-cycle information for the work order to indicate the progress of the work (for example, that parts have been ordered)

  • Track the costs that are associated with the work order, such as parts and labor

Work order processing consists of the following tasks:

  • Locating work orders

  • Reviewing work orders for approval

  • Revising work orders

  • Printing work orders

  • Adding and reviewing charges to work orders

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