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Citizen 360

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Product Summary

Citizen 360 provides citizen-centered service delivery and helps citizens easily find and integrate public data to support their critical life change decisions and actions. Solution provides customer lifecycle & service request handling, trouble ticket management based on TT category, sub category & SLA, interaction management across channels like IVR, email, CSR, Integration with IN, provisioning, SMS gateways.  Solution helps easily find across various cases and integrate data. Solution also provides ability to configure and track valuable electronic information assets like electronic records.

The Solution helps get “the right information to the right people at the right time, in a secure manner that protects privacy, to improve outcomes for citizens through the cohesive delivery of services. Citizens spend less time filling out forms and receive quicker service. Because data is shared, case workers have a more complete picture of the citizen and their situation and evaluate citizens holistically.

Citizen 360 also provides the infrastructure empowering citizens to make life-important based on well-integrated public data different assets and agencies. So, for example, after a horrifying natural disaster such as a hurricane or a large scale terror attack, citizens must acquire fast high-quality and reliable information about transportation, utilities, housing, schooling and more in order to make good decisions where to turn for help. Under wartime conditions, such timely, accurate and well-integrated and structured information becomes even more critical.

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