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Loan Origination

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Product Summary

Eccentex Loan Origination Solution has provided dynamic case management systems designed to increase consistency and reduce technology costs throughout each phase of the mortgage, home equity, consumer and business loan origination process. 

The centerpiece of the solution is the case. The Solution is designed to accommodate an unlimited amount of Case Types and applications. Each Case Type can have its own unique data elements (both structured and unstructured), workflows, business rules and user access models. Case Type saves time and costs related to managing process compliance and due diligence. It has configurable workflow rules can insure that the required tasks are completed and required documents are collected, distributed and signed, manages the workflow between departments and manages approvals.

For complex lending products where process, accountability and time are critical, our loan dashboard and deal room ensure timely management of large number of tasks, documents and stakeholders required to underwrite loans. The loan dashboard enables you to manage approvals, work queues, and automated and manual tasks across multiple departments. The deal room is a collaborative space for borrowers and other parties to upload, review and approve documents, and communicate status with all the loan parties.

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  • Build a world-class, multichannel digital experience to delight your customers
  • Use new, innovative underwriting models and data for faster and higher quality credit decisions
  • Centrally manage loan products to reduce risk
  • Adapt quickly to new scoring, pricing and competitive pressures
  • Build an efficient, transparent and process compliant loan origination process
  • Increase loan production with highly configurable workflows, document templates and tasks

AppBase Features

Document Imaging
Go paperless and eliminate expensive third-party imaging systems. The document imaging system features annotations, indexing, stacking, and investor delivery.
Web Portal
Allow your retail and wholesale originators to use a browser to start loans, track status, order credit, run DU and LP, and upload documents to satisfy conditions.
Custom Fields, Screens, and Docs
Build your own fields, screens, and documents fit to your organization's needs.
Task Management Tools
Customizable Pipeline Views
Customize the pipeline so that each user has the pipeline views necessary for his or her job function.
Management Reports
See the current state of the business at a glance. Create your own customized management reports with a few mouse clicks.
Compliance Audits and Fraud Reports
Reduce unnecessary risk exposure with compliance and fraud checks that can optionally be configured to run automatically when the loan status changes.
Audit Logs
Track every change made by every user with a simple mouse click.

Tie documents to conditions, making it quick and easy to sign off on conditions.
Underwriting History
Quickly review a history of all underwriting changes since the loan was initially approved.
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